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Anonymous said: Did you know that declawing your cat is the equivalent to cutting off a human's fingers up to the second knuckle joint? You're a fucking monster and I hope someone cuts your fingers off.

Excuse me, but it was that or give my cat to the pound, and let me inform you that they don’t live too long in there down in southern Missouri.  I understand that it is horrible, and I was sick and crying about it.  So get off your high ass horse, because I did what was necessary to keep my cat alive.  With our fundings available, and the requirements for all available housing that took cats, he had to be declawed.  He is fine now, and I understand that he had to suffer.  But in long term, he suffered two weeks so that he could actually have a lifetime, let alone one without suffering on the streets.  He never goes outside, and is afraid of the front door for some reason.  So the risk of him getting out and being lost is gone.  It was the only option available.  So before you wish ill onto someone else, please be sure you understand the facts.  Yes it is a horrible thing, and people who get it done, just to get it done are cruel.  But it was for the better of the cat himself, he was able to stay with a loving family that spoils him rotten, and not forced to die, all because he had gotten declawed.  Now tell me, what would you have done? 


If I had half as many followers than I have reblogs, I’d have more than one follower.

But what does a cat know about math?

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I did not see that coming. 

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